How We Measure Success

How We Measure Success

How we measure success

How we measure success – one marriage and family at a time.

How we measure success is easy – one marriage and one family at a time.  Since our founding in 2006, we’ve been able to help more than 1,700 marriages and 900 children find hope, restoration and peace in their marriages and homes. We define help by the level of equipping we are able to accomplish through our marriage coaching programs. We don’t give answers or advice, we help couples discover their own answers and solutions.  This empowers them to have winning marriages and families. Husbands and wives are drawn to each other and have hope for a better future. Children no longer watch their parents’ bitter fighting. Instead, parents become positive role models for healthy communications and relationships, which strengthens the next generation of marriages.  This ultimately makes our communities and nation stronger.

Our success is achieved through a growing army of dedicated volunteer Christian marriage coach couples, who give of their time, talent and energies to strengthen and save marriages. Our more than 200 active coach couples are located in 11 states.  Their results are amazing! More than 35% of the couples who come to us have talked about or are seriously considering divorce.  After completing the coaching program, more than 90% decide AGAINST divorce.  These couples consistently rate their coaching experience more than 9.3 on a 10 point scale.

Finally, we measure success by being a good steward of the gift’s given us through our fiscal champions. We are pleased to report that we operate at an 87.7% efficiency rating. That means every donated dollar generates 87 cents worth of value to the community.

We won’t stop until every marriage that can be saved IS saved. Join us!