Marriage Coaching Evaluations

Marriage Coaching Evaluations – July 2013 – April 2015

In this period, 150 evaluations were collected from couples who completed the coaching program.  Additional information is collected and is summarized in couple testimonials.  This is a summary of the quantifiable results.

How likely is it that you would recommend MarriageTeam coaching to a friend or colleague (on a scale of 1 to 10)?
All Husbands                    9.79
All Wives                           9.58

These results are very high.  Another way of looking at the data from this question is to look at the Net Promoter Score, which is 85%.  This NPS is more than 25% higher than the averages for all other reported sectors including stores, brokerages, computers, insurance, smartphones, banking, and credit cards.  It is more than 50% higher than hotels, life insurance, on-line entertainment, airlines, travel websites, cell phones, and pharmacies.


Rate your coaching experience with 1 being the worst possible and 10 being the best possible:
All Husbands                   9.21
All Wives                          9.20
Devitalized Husbands    9.38
Devitalized Wives           9.30Marriage Coaching Evaluations - Comparison


Check the types of assistance you have used to improve your marriage. Rate them with 1 being the least helpful and 10 being the most helpful.

Distressed couples rated their marriage coaching experience more than twice as effective as counseling or books and seminars.  They also rated their coaching experience 60% more effective than pastoral counseling.  These are significant differences and can be attributed to the fact that coaching provides tools for couples so that they can implement positive changes.


Did the coaching experience meet your expectations?Marriage Coaching Evaluations - Exceed Expectations

89% of the couples said that their coaching experience exceeded their expectations (42% greatly exceeded and 47% exceeded).  10% indicated that coaching met their expectations and no one indicated that coaching did not meet their expectations.  The bottom line is that couples overwhelmingly like their coaching experiences and their coaches.