Reflections on Forty Years of Marriage

Reflections on Forty+ Years of Marriage

Al and Autumn share reflections on forty years of marriage.

Al and Autumn share reflections on forty years of marriage.

This video clip was selected as the Grand Prize Winner for the Focus on the Family Facebook “Celebrate Enduring Marriage” contest in November 2011.  “Reflections on Forty Years of Marriage” was produced by Brianna Abraham.  We are sharing it as  additional insight on MarriageTeam.

Al and Autumn were always marriage junkies.  They attended marriage enrichment seminars, weekends, and retreats when ever possible.  Nevertheless, on Monday morning they were trapped in their own strong personalities and habits.  They struggled and fought frequently.  They came to realize that they were acting out of old playbooks – expectations, patterns of communicating, different conflict resolution styles, etc.

MarriageTeam started as a realization that couples can work together to achieve different results.  What couples need is effective communications skills to understand one another.  This understanding provides the framework for addressing any issue they face.  While this sounds pretty simple, it is not easy when emotions are involved.  Marriage coaches are the catalyst to help couples better understand each other.  Coaches also help couples make agreements on what to do differently.  Even more important, coaches help couples figure out how to recover when they fall into old patterns of  communicating.