Become a Christian Coach Couple

Become a Christian Coach Couple with MarriageTeam

Marriage coach training equips you to become a coach couple with MarriageTeam.

Marriage coach training equips you to become a coach couple with MarriageTeam.


How many times have you listened to someone in despair over their marriage and wished you could help? If you are a Christian couple in a biblically defined marriage and meet the following criteria, you are qualified to become a coach couple for MarriageTeam:

  • Have a healthy (good, not “perfect”) marriage.
  • Want to improve your marriage.
  • Want to help others strengthen and save their marriages.
  • Have a growing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Can give one night a week for 9 to 12 weeks.
  • Are willing to complete 24 hours of coach training.

MarriageTeam invites you to become a coach couple. During our 24 hours of marriage coach training, you both will learn how to coach using a proven curriculum that offers practical skills to marriages at all stages of development. Premarital couples to seriously challenged marriages are saving their marriages with the support of couple coaches like YOU!

Completing training does not necessarily mean you will become a coach couple.  We find that about 80% of couples who complete the training do go on to coach another couple.  The training will give you and MarriageTeam better insight into whether or not marriage coaching is for you.

Either way, coach training is a Marital Enrichment experience in itself!  Coaches have reported an average 22% improvement in their relationship as a result of learning and practicing the skills taught during coach training!  Coach training is a $495 -$1200 value when compared to similar training programs.  The semi-annual training in Vancouver, WA is offered for FREE.  An opportunity will be given for a free-will offering to “pay it forward.”

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Check the coach training scheduleTraining involves two consecutive weekends. 

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Schedule Training at Your Location

MarriageTeam will conduct marriage coach training at your location outside of the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area if you have a minimum of 16 couples who are definitely interested in becoming coaches and being part of the MarriageTeam network.  This requires a commitment from the pastoral staff to refer couples to MarriageTeam for placement with the newly trained coach couples.

Training requires 24 hours of classroom like instruction and practicum which is typically conducted over two back-to-back weekends or 4 consecutive days.  This allows time for assimiliation of the skills and some light couple homework.  If done over 4 days, it does require completion of some pre-training exercises.

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