MarriageTeam Coaching Demonstration

MarriageTeam coaching process as shown in the coaching demonstration.

MarriageTeam coaching process as shown in the coaching demonstration.

Coaching Demonstration

The MarriageTeam coaching demonstration illustrates the six steps of the MarriageTeam coaching process.  It is designed to be a refresher for those coaches who would like to review the coaching process before starting with another couple.  The six step process is outlined below complete with the transition times in the video.  While the coaching demonstration is a good representation of the coaching process and illustrates many of the coaching skills, it does not address all the skills.

Steps Action Time
1 Identify the Issue :48
2 Identify the Speaker and Listener 1:25
3 Clarify the Issue 8:12
4 Explore Options for Change 9:08
5 Move to Action 16:04
6 Create Accountability 18:16
End 21:04

One way to look at the six step coaching process is to view it as an hour glass. At the top you have an issue or problem. On either side are the teammate’s different views of the issue. It is the coaches’ job to help couples come to a common understanding. This is accomplished through the process of actively listening for understanding and sharing each other’s views until there is a common understanding. These first three steps are the most important and could take two-thirds to three-quarters of the time spent on any particular issue.

Once there is a common understanding, at the middle of the hour glass, coaches facilitate exploration of options and selection of an option. The final elements are moving to action with clear agreements on what will be done and creating mutual accountability for the results. This hour glass model gives you a mental picture of the process you are facilitating so when you begin coaching you have the end in mind.

While you cannot be responsible for the results your couple achieves, you are responsible for guiding the couple through this process.

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