Retreats for Couples

Couples retreat

Is this what  you think of when you hear ‘couples retreat?’

Retreats for Couples

MarriageTeam provides marriage building retreats for husbands and wives and seminars that can be tailored to your specific needs and times. Typical retreats involve a Friday evening session and Saturday morning activities. Saturday afternoon can include additional marriage building activities, time for individual activities, or a combination of both. The Sunday session focuses on activities for continued marital growth.

Retreats for couples focus on building simple and effective communications and problem solving skills. We look at the cause of all marital problems and the role of bitterness and forgiveness in marriage. Couples practice intimacy building activities and create opportunities for purposeful continued growth in their relationship.

The content for retreats for couples is based on the MarriageTeam coaching program that has helped hundreds of couples improve their marriage and many to walk away from divorce.  While the tools and skills are simple and extremely good, we have found that long lasting change is seldom accomplished during a weekend event.  It takes practice and repeated use of new tools before they become second nature and change relationships.  Nevertheless, couples will leave feeling refreshed with some new tools in their pocket.

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