Assess Your Marriage

Assess Your Marriage

Assess your marriage

Assess your marriage.

This will give you insight into whether or not marriage coaching might be helpful for you. All statements can be answered with either True or False.

1. ___ We rarely disagree on our budget or spending.
2. ___ I am very satisfied with the way we solve problems.
3. ___ We do not have any issues/problems with our in-laws.
4. ___ We deal with our anger in a constructive manner.
5. ___ I am satisfied with the way my spouse picks up.
6. ___ We agree on parenting and have few issues with our kids.
7. ___ I am satisfied with how much time my spouse spends with me.
8. ___ I feel comfortable sharing negative feelings with my spouse.
9. ___ I feel our issues get resolved almost all the time.
10. __ I am very satisfied with the amount of affection my partner gives me.

If you answered one or more questions with a False, then you could benefit from marriage coaching.  Even if you answered them all false and have lost hope, are considering divorce, or are separated, MarriageTeam coaches can help you create the marriage you want.

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