Save My Marriage!

Save My Marriage!

Can coaching save my marriage? Yes, it can!

Coaching works for husbands and wives who are experiencing serious challenges and need restoration for their marriage. MarriageTeam tracks results and more than 90% of the couples who were considering divorce before coaching decide not to divorce after completing the program! It works best where at least one person wants to work on their marriage.  The couple may be separated, contemplating divorce, or in frequent conflict over a wide range of issues and are unable to solve them in a mutually satisfying manner.  

Coaches guide you through prepared materials that have been specifically designed for husbands and wives experiencing significant issues. Coaching has brought many marriages back from the brink of divorce with new hope and renewed commitments. Issues are addressed in a confidential, non-judgmental manner that focuses on resolving difficulties through improved understanding and mutual problem solving. Participation is entirely voluntary and you can decide to leave at any time. There is no obligation.

The coaching focuses on effective assertiveness,  listening, dealing with anger, bitterness, forgiveness, resolving conflict, problem solving, personality differences,  initimacy, and growth. This program is one session a week and takes 2-3 months to complete.   Sessions range  from 2 to 3 hours.  This insures there is adequate time to effectively deal with issues the couple identifies. 

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MarriageTeam coaching is not the right approach for couples where the presenting issue is an addiction, domestic violence, an on-going affair, mental health issues, untreated depression, or significant emotional abuse.  However, once these issues are in treatment, coaching can be very helpful.

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