Marriage Coaching Testimonials

Marriage Coaching Testimonials

Couple coaching is a powerful tool for change.

The following marriage coaching testimonials are from couples at the conclusion of their coaching experience.

Marriage Coaching Testimonials

Marriage Coaching Testimonials – this could be you!

If you had told me 2 years ago that I should consider remarrying my ex-husband, I would have thought you were crazy!” says Dee. “Sure we remained friends after the divorce, but being married to him again was just not on my radar. Plus, I wasn’t convinced we could make it work after already trying for more than 24 years, a trip through the counseling process and then being separated for nearly 5 more! While their marriage had not been ideal . .  Dee Hetlage, Tigard, OR

I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got out of this was life changing. My fiancé and I didn’t know what to expect when we get married, but now we have a better understanding of marriage. We learned how to better problem solve, communicate and listen with our hearts. It was a great experience for us and we loved every minute of the sessions. Christy, Camas, WA 

Our coaches helped us get to root causes that caused so much hurt, pain and frustration with each other. They were amazing facilitators with the process. Before coaching, I was researching divorce, there was high tension between us and I was completely done with the marriage. I was only in it for the kids. Now I understand much better my husband’s needs and motivations. I see how my words and actions (positive and negative) affect my husband’s spirit. Joan, Salem, OR 

I thought it was great having a couple as opposed to one therapist. We got points of view from both sides and the coaching was non-biased and felt fair. They were professional and stuck to the program. Our relationship before coaching was no fun. Neither one wanted to be around the other for fear of arguments. We are happier now. We talk more and hardly argue. We’ve learned to express our thoughts so the other person isn’t offended, which is a big help to us. We highly recommend our coaches. Matt, Camas, WA 

I was hopeful, but at the same time doubtful before coaching. My wife seemed to believe all the problems in our marriage were due to me, but through coaching, she learned that we both have room to improve. We had a very good coaching experience. Our coaches were balanced in their approach, did not “play favorites” and were a good match. Before coaching, our relationship was cordial, but cold. It seemed like my wife was just a roommate. We both now agree that we own fixing our marriage. We understand better our core motivations and are armed with better communication tools. Jim, Vancouver, WA 

Our coaches were great. They stuck with us and helped us get through some really tough stuff. We had a great coaching experience, although sometimes it was hard. Before coaching we were lifeless and struggling. Our communication has improved, and we’ve become intentional about spending time together. Stephanie, Roseburg, OR 

Our coaching experience was challenging, insightful and we are thankful for the opportunity to go through the process. Our relationship before coaching was very, very challenging. Our communication has improved and we have diminished conflict. Rob, Roseburg, OR 

Our coaches kept us on track. They could help us identify how and what action plan was needed in anything we brought up. They really worked hard on making us use good “I” statements. They went back to these often with us so that we would apply this good skill. Before coaching, we did not communicate. If we did, it did not go well and did not resolve or accomplish anything. Since coaching, we have returned to date nights. We have realized how far off our relationship of oneness had strayed from what God intended. I try to work on being more loving towards my spouse. Bridget, Mobile, AL 

Coaching really helped us learn new skills. It was great. We really enjoyed the experience. Before coaching, our relationship was not good. My wife was always attacking me verbally. I didn’t want to go home. We are now working toward a good marriage. Shane, Mobile, AL 

Prior to coaching we thought we knew how to communicate, but it turned out we didn’t. The coaching led to great improvements. The coaches were very approachable. We thought we had communication skills and a functional relationship. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We were heading for divorce. We are seeing amazing changes as we learn to understand and appreciate one another. John, Vancouver, WA 

We thought we knew how to communicate, but we found out otherwise. We just thought the other person was being difficult. Coaching has helped our communication tremendously. The coaching process was very enlightening. I learned a lot about my husband. We can now discuss something that’s bothering us in a calm matter and get to the bottom of the problem more quickly. Carol, Vancouver, WA 

I learned a lot about myself through this experience. There were a great many times I honestly thought our coaches were going to give up on us, but they were always there. Before coaching, our relationship was very hard and we felt lost. We were going in different directions and not understanding each other. Since coaching, we have been more loving and are working better together. Stephanie, Springfield, OR 

I was quite reluctant when starting coaching but having completed it, I feel much better about our relationship. We have a good direction for the future. Our coaching experience was very productive. Before coaching we loved each other but really let the little things that bothered us rule over how much we care for each other. As a result of coaching, I feel closer to my wife and am excited about our future. Jim, Oakland, OR 

My experience in coaching was awesome. Never would I have guessed that I would have enjoyed it so much. I would do it all over again. Our relationship before coaching was rocky. We were letting our pride get in the way. We are now much better at working out arguments. To improve your program, you should advertise more. People need to know how great it is! Todd, Springfield, OR 

Our coaching experience was great. We enjoyed our sessions with our coaches. Meetings were very productive and focused. They were also very flexible with scheduling our meetings. Before coaching, I felt that we weren’t as connected as I would have liked us to be; we would both hold back expressing our feelings of how something affected us. Now, we are communicating better. We have a better understanding of each other and our individual personalities. We are learning how to work together through problem solving. We have learned tools on how to express our feelings towards each other without getting angry or upset. April, Portland, OR 

Our coach couple was perfect and helped more than I had expected. The program and coaches were flexible with our schedules. Our coaches had the experience needed to understand our struggles. They offered proven techniques and not advice on how to improve our marriage. Before coaching, our relationship was failing. We are now working together as a team. Now forgiveness and love outshine our differences. Steve, Atlanta , GA

I was a little scared at first, but very comfortable with our coaches. Coaching was rewarding and opened my eyes to opportunities for improvement. Before coaching, our relationship was rocky at times and difficult. We have learned to talk more openly and better understand one another. Troy, Battle Ground, WA 

I didn’t really know what to expect, but coaching has helped our relationship dramatically. We were not married or even engaged at the start, but got engaged during coaching. Coaching has helped us identify, voice and come up with solutions to problem areas. It has also helped us re-prioritize. Before coaching, we were disconnected, frustrated and had lots of conflict. Now, we are both very aware of our actions, words, goals and putting into practice what we’ve been learning. Christina, Battle Ground, WA 

Coaching was not what I thought, it was much better than I anticipated. The workbook was the best! Our coaches were experienced, confident and professional. Our marriage was very difficult and we bickered constantly. We had grown apart, but did not want to divorce, just wanted to learn how to get along. We are now so much more aware of how to avoid an argument, we are aware of the tools to use. We have committed to each other to work hard at communication, to think of the results if we don’t. We don’t want to relapse. Glenda, Oregon City, OR 

The coaching opened my eyes and heart to be more aware and caring of my partner’s feelings and needs! This is one of the best things to happen to me in regards to my relationship. We now have a lifetime of information and direction that will enhance stability in our marriage with God as our guiding light! Ray, Portland, OR 

Before coaching we were on our way to divorce. We decided to give MarriageTeam a chance. I did not have much hope. We never talked, slept in separate rooms and said we were heading for divorce. After being teamed up with our coaches, my hope has come back. Our coaching experience was a blessing. It was a light at the end of what was a dark tunnel. Now, we talk daily and are able to communicate without fighting. We sleep in the same bed and we enjoy spending time together. Our marriage is so much stronger and growing stronger by the day. Nate, Vancouver, WA

I can’t say enough good things about my coaches. They were always prepared, easy to get ahold of, very personal and helped us find a church. They were never judgmental, always supportive and great at explaining everything and willing to answer any questions we had. My marriage before coaching was failing, we rarely spoke but when we did we fought. Our relationship was so far broken, we couldn’t fix it on our own. We now have the tools to talk with each other without fighting. The huge weight of unforgiveness between us is gone as our coaches helped us let go of the grudges we were holding against each other. Heather, Vancouver, WA

Our coaching was pro-active and solution based. We were able to try our new plays right away. We felt supported the whole time. Our coaches were positive, did not take sides or make me feel like one person was right or wrong. We felt safe to talk about our problems. Our relationship had been broken and extremely stressful. We now have a level of communication we’ve never experienced before. We decided not to divorce as a result of coaching. Renee, Vancouver, WA 

Our relationship was quickly deteriorating. We didn’t trust or respect each other at all. I was ready to give up. We now listen to one another, we handle difficulties and stress as a team, and we are OK with each other’s company. Katie, Vancouver, WA 

I was ready to give up. My trust was broken and I didn’t feel like I could go on pretending to be happy. Now my wife and I hardly argue and we let each other be who they are. We have grown up so much. Ryan, Vancouver, WA 

I thought the coaching would prove that the relationship wouldn’t work because of our differences, but it actually strengthened the relationship. It taught me how to communicate more effectively and appreciate our differences. We now talk about the ‘taboo’ subjects without hesitation. Tarena, Portland, OR 

It was very helpful to have dedicated coaches who are not family, coworkers, neighbors or fellow church members. We could not ask for better coaches! They were extremely encouraging, understanding, supportive, thoughtful and non-judgmental. They easily gained our trust and respect. Our relationship before coaching was adversarial, strained, unhappy and irritable. Since coaching, we have easier communication, more patience and understanding and now have a pathway for reconciliation. Kathryn, Vancouver, WA, 

I had little hope for our marriage before coaching. Through this process, I have learned how to better communicate with my husband. I’ve learned that we don’t always have to agree to work through our issues. I didn’t expect to learn so much and be changed by it. The coaching process was necessary for the survival and growth of our marriage. Our coaches were very patient to walk us through each step and make sure we worked out each issue and made forward progress. Before coaching, our marriage was awful. I was done trying and so was he. I felt I’d be happier single. I felt he was too selfish and controlling for our marriage to work. We have been able to discover reasons for the breakdown of our marriage. We are now able to communicate and work through issues before they fester and cause worse problems. We were considering divorce before coaching, but have decided to not divorce. Tammy, Vancouver, WA 

We and no resolution to problems because we just didn’t know how. We have learned better listening and sharing skills that are helping us to build a good relationship. Being able to be on the same team with an agreed upon playbook is changing everything for us and how we can derail old habits and mindsets. The coaching experience has been a pivotal place in the growth of our marriage. My husband and I are now on the same page. We have made agreements that work. We have tools now and hope to move past the old playbooks. Michelle, Vancouver, WA

The coaching experience was worth every penny. It helped my partner feel more comfortable expressing her needs so that I could improve or find compromises with her. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to enrich their relationship. My wife and I are now better able to express feelings and concerns. We have more tools to work through anything life might throw at us. Mike, Camas, WA 

Coaching helped us above and beyond our expectations. We were very poor communicators before coaching – detached and distant. Our coaching experience was personal, loving and supportive. As a result of coaching we have better conflict resolution and communication. Paul, Vancouver, WA 

Before coaching we wanted our relationship to work but could not make it work. No matter what we did or how hard we tried, nothing was helping. Coaching was not enjoyable but so effective. I looked forward to walking away from each session with something new. We can communicate now in a way we were incapable of before. Rachel, Vancouver, WA 

Our coaches were very open and honest with us. They made it easy to share and discuss issues. We were really struggling in many ways, before coaching. Our communication was poor, and we weren’t trying very hard to make things better. Because of coaching, we have set goals for things we want to work on. We are communicating better and treating one another better. Diane, Salem, OR 

Our coaches both gave us all their attention and patience. Before coaching, our relationship had a lot of bickering and blaming and constant judging. As a result of coaching, I have an understanding within myself of my weaknesses and how to solve problems using a more effective approach. We tried counseling with a paid counselor and a pastor. Neither was effective. This MarriageTeam approach is best. Through this process, I felt I was discovering solutions with my partner rather than simply being told them. The coaches were unbiased. Prior paid counselors have often times told me only what I wanted to hear. Paul, Portland, OR 

The emphasis upon taking individual responsibility for your own actions and behaviors, fostering skills in communicating and solving differences together promoted positive team building. Before coaching, we had a tendency to feel we were living our lives more as two individuals rather than a single unit of two brought together in Christ as one. The coaching experience was very helpful and encouraging. There was great communication and warmth in sharing the challenges and blessings of a good marriage relationship. Since coaching, we communicate much more effectively, and have become more sensitive toward each other’s feelings, opinions and challenges. The program we followed worked well. (Name withheld) 

Our relationship before coaching was strained. I no longer wanted to live in our crazy cycle. Something had to change. I thought our coaching experience was terrific. I looked forward to it. It was such a safe place to discuss our issues. We now have new tools to use to communicate better with one another. Gail, Vancouver, WA 

Our coaches brought a very unique point of view to the table, being that they were previously in trouble and learned how to communicate better through MarriageTeam. My now wife and I (we just got married) decided to do this more as “pre-marriage” counseling. We didn’t have any major problems, but our coaching helped to uncover a few issues we had not thought about, and gave us strategies on how to deal with new issues when they come up. We feel like we are very happy right now and our coaching will help keep us on track. I would say our relationship before coaching was strong, with a few weak points, but now it is even stronger, and we have the peace of mind that we have the tools for the future to keep everything on track. As a result of coaching, I feel that we are more connected, and bonded over our coaching experience. I also am aware of some of my wife’s concerns about our relationship, which I did not know before, and knowing is half the battle! It exceeded all of our expectations, especially for a program that is close to being free of charge. It would have cost of $1,000’s of dollars to do this through a doctor or counselor, and I believe having both a husband and wife, especially one who have gone through marriage difficulties themselves, is the absolute best way help couples with their marriage. Zach, Portland, OR, 

Coaching met our expectations and more. Our coaches’ ability to listen and “coach” really helped us better understand the root of our problems. Our experience has helped change our outlook on marriage and helped us understand better how to communicate with each other. Before coaching, our relationship was confrontational, with a lack of understanding and empathy for each other and poor communication. The experience was a positive one for us. Speaking from my point of view, I felt this might be our last chance to save our marriage. The style of coaching and how the Marriage Team experience peels back the layers of lies and wounds, helped us get our marriage back on track. Now, we use better communication techniques. We listen better and really try to hear what we each are saying to each other. I believe it has helped us forgive each other too. Greg, Happy Valley, OR, 

I had the thought that it was going to be all about the baggage and stuff of the past. But we learned how to deal with today’s issues and how to move forward. The past was eventually dealt with but only so that there could be a pleasant future. Our relationship prior to coaching without any intervention was most likely going to end, or at least be extremely miserable for the rest of our lives. We were going from one misunderstanding to the next and missing out on great opportunities for real intimacy. Coaching was like a good work out and exerciser. The first couple of sessions are not pleasant but after some time I realized that I was looking forward to going to them. My relationship with my wife is so much stronger and my family and those around me have benefited from it. Coaching was more effective than counseling with our pastor. We were considering divorce before coaching and decided not to divorce as a result of our coaching experience. Kenneth, Sutherlin, OR,

Coaching went far beyond my expectations. We worked through problems that I did not realized where affecting us so much nor did I view them as fixable. Our relationship before coaching was hopeful but strained by communication problems. My husband and I are closer than we ever have been and we communicate well daily. We renewed our vows after the coaching experience. Crystal, Sutherlin, OR 

Prior to coaching, our relationship was “ok.” We enjoyed doing things together, but conversation was often filled with frustration, repeated arguments or just rested on surface issues, because we couldn’t communicate deeply without someone getting angry or hurt. During our coaching, we were encouraged to talk face to face to each other and it started off rough. Our coaches were very patient and kept encouraging us to practice using “I” statements and talking about tough or emotion filled issues. Our coaches created a relaxed atmosphere and made it easier to share real issues. As a result of coaching, we have set goals and are working towards them. Communication is going beyond the mundane and issues are being worked through instead of being swept under the rug or being brought up over and over without resolution. The quality of communication in our relationship has been greatly improved. Anna, Vancouver, WA, 

I loved every minute of our coaching experience!  Our coaches were able to provide us with the insights of what marriage is about. All this information made me and my fiancé feel closer together. It also helped us to see what the other partner was going through when dealing with the same situation. Just an eye opener! I was not able to communicate on a very close level to my fiancé. I was afraid to tell him some things. I didn’t feel that he would understand it or just would get mad at me.  After going through a couple of sessions, that improved greatly! I personally feel more open with my fiancé. I learned that a man’s thinking process and decision making process is totally different from a woman’s. I learned that when there are misunderstandings, it’s not because my fiancé stopped loving me. It’s just he as a man has a different perspective.  Olga, Vancouver, WA 

We need people to help us walk life’s road, who have been there before. Our coaches were amazing. They related well to us and I felt very comfortable with their competence and personalities. My wife and I were given tools to deal with conflicts. We have new terminology and better recognition of what is going on in our relationship.  Jordan, Portland, OR 

Our relationship prior to coaching was distant and conflicted. Our coaches were fabulous. The experience was good to remind us of some skills we knew, but weren’t using and to teach us some new ones. As a result of coaching, we communicate, resolve conflict, and make decisions more effectively.  Heather, Vancouver, WA 

My husband and I had lost our connection and forgotten each other’s importance after 12 years of marriage. Our coaches were warm and they embraced our flaws and imperfections in order to show us God’s unending love and limitless ability to forgive. As a result of coaching, we have nothing less than a closer relationship with God and each other. We had lost our way and this experience with a loving and Godly example of a strong partnership in marriage, reminded us that the path we started down 12 years ago was one that would demand constant effort for the most fulfilling journey.  Katie, Vancouver, WA

We did not understand the issues that were causing us problems prior to coaching.  We were both going different directions and were not working as a team. The step-by-step process allowed us to work through many different situations and learn that we had a communication process problem rather than a relationship problem. We now have tools to work through most issues. We still have a lot to learn or “use” regarding the tools we received – but now we at least have the understanding. We have a process to solve issues and a reference book to go back to if needed.  Christy, West Linn, OR

Our coaches are wonderful, caring people. They did a fantastic job of guiding us through the material. Before coaching, we had twenty plus years of loyalty and a genuine love for one another. But we had stress in the relationship caused by some bad habits and issues around communication and conflict resolution.  Since coaching, we are applying the lessons that we have learned. As a result we are much closer. We had tried a paid counselor. Coaching was more effective. There was no comparison. Coaching was oriented toward building and finding solutions. Too often, therapy is focused on identifying problems. The skill development approach to coaching to produce team victories is absolutely the right approach.  Fred, Portland, OR 

We had excellent coaches! They really helped us work through our issues and use the tools taught in the program. Our coaches were very patient yet pushed us gently in using the tools. We were given a safe place to express our feelings and be honest with each other, as well as to work out the struggles we were having. They were very committed to helping us improve our marriage. We have gained tools to help us better communicate and not react to each other as much in a negative manner. We are also learning to work together as a team-especially me. I had been working by myself against my husband at times and now I am thinking more about how I can do things for “us”. I have also forgiven him for some resentment I had. This experience helped me to more fully open up to him and honestly share my fears with him.  Aimee, Vancouver, WA 

I became a Christian seven years ago after 20 years of addiction.  I met my husband, Tim, 4 yrs ago when he came to my church’s men’s recovery program.  Our marriage was difficult from the start . . . Tim and I both had a lot of baggage from the past.  Through our marriage coaching experience, we learned how to work together.  We came to many understandings about parenting and communication.  Our coaches lovingly and patiently walked us through the material and the exercises.  We had a great breakthrough after the forgiveness exercise and it all started to snowball (in a wonderful way) after that.  We still have difficult times, but we use our new skills and the hard times are fewer and farther between and don’t last anywhere near as long.  My 11 year old daughter noticed how we don’t argue as much and her behavior has improved greatly as a result!  Thank God for MarriageTeam! We could have been a sad statistic without this help.   With sincere gratitude.  Lori, Vancouver, WA

My marriage is night and day different!   If you can’t say more than two words without fighting or even worse don’t speak at all, you need a coach.  Through coaching we learned how to speak with one another so each one of us would listen and understand, and it was wonderful!  I now know how to reach my husband and I feel so loved. I know he hears me when I talk to him.  Our coaches were friendly and funny and we were able to be ourselves without feeling “exposed.”  Thank you for letting God use you and your coaching to help us.  Deborah, Tracy, CA

Our relationship prior to coaching was very rocky with terrible communication. Our coaching experience improved our marriage from a 3 to an 8 (266% improvement). For the price, you couldn’t make it any better.  We had tried a paid counselor and pastor.  Coaching was more effective, no question about it.  I would definitely recommend it to others.  Justin, Vancouver, WA

Last week, the kids and I went for a hike and we were talking about how much things have changed and how they were so glad that their dad had changed. . . That brings wonderful, joyous tears to my eyes. I still cannot believe after our very difficult years, God has entrusted us with his special gifts, our children.

I cannot believe we are actually still together and how great things are. [My husband] today remembers what to say and also quotes things that were mentioned during our [coaching] meetings. . . .Today, we are able to communicate with each other without bursting out. We can even talk and converse. WOW! . . . Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart. . . . we are not a divorce statistic and the word DIVORCE is no longer mentioned in our house.

The coaching relationship was way better than I expected – above and beyond!  The coaching helped us with communication, problem solving, and meeting our goals. I highly recommend MarriageTeam coaching!

We’d been in counseling for a year and a half and were still on the brink of divorce. I didn’t expect anything to change, but felt obligated to try because these people seemed to care. It saved our marriage.

Exceeded my expectations. Our coaches were wonderful in their approach and patience.

Coaching was beyond what we expected.  It saved our marriage!

This was the best marriage course we ever attended.  It was great having our coaches; they were very loving and encouraging.  We have tools and are now optimistic, when before hope was dwindling.  Thank you!

We have learned tools necessary for effective communication. We are learning how to bring out the best in each other.

Our goals are aligning; we also have what appears to be a similar vision of our future together.

We would like to use this in our church.

Personal stories from our coaches meant a lot to me. Makes it much more interactive.

Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for your dedication and devotion to coaching and guiding us through a challenging time in our marriage. You both are a blessing in our life.

I am talking more with my wife and am able to share my feelings. I really liked the coach couple – it was a great fit.

Positive changes in our relationship include communication and meeting each others needs.

We know [now] what we should do to improve communications. I better understand why I react to situations as I do. Our coach couple was great. I can’t explain how much I appreciate them.

Coaching was exactly what we needed to help us start communicating. We have a better understanding of our problems and a better understanding of ways to solve our differences.

I have come to highly appreciate our coaches and feel like they were a ‘God send’ to us. They are a warm and affirming couple.

It makes me think differently about my marriage. It helps me see the other side or other point of view, not just mine.