Marriage Resources

Marriage Resources

MarriageTeam marriage resources focus on creating awareness and understanding of issues so that a husband and wife can create new approaches to resolve their differences.  We find that marriage coaches are an integral part of the change process and change requires much more than working through a single exercise.  The coaches’ contribution to the change process is significant and for many it is essential.

The first listed resource is an easy to read book that explains coaching and shares the three most critical skills for lasting change.  This text is used in a graduate counseling course at Multnomah University in Portland, OR.  It is easily the shortest book in the graduate curriculum.  We get some great comments from students who really enjoy it.

–  Rick and Jane Learn to Listen and Talk, the First Step to Intimacy

The following tools were mentioned on our radio show that ran in 2008 and 2010.  They are a FREE download.
–  I Statement and Active Listening
–  Private Feelings About Sex Worksheet
–  Reality Living
–  MarriageTeam Pocket Playbook 2010 – Print both sides flipping on the short edge and then cut out.

Additional information on MarriageTeam
–  MarriageTeam Media Kit

Information you can pass on to a friend 
If you print these brochures double-sided with the flip on the short edge, you will have a tri-fold handout.
–  MarriageTeam Coaching for Couples

Information for pastors about MarriageTeam
–  Strong Marriages Strong Churches

A MarriageTeam Christmas Story
–   A MarriageTeam Christmas Story

If you would like to know more about how marriage coaching could help you achieve the marriage you always wanted, contact us.