Donation Effectiveness

Show Me (Where) the Money (Goes)!

Donation Effectiveness

Our donation effectiveness is great!

Donation Effectiveness

MarriageTeam believes in transparency when it comes to how our champions’ financial support is used. We recently completed an internal evaluation of our systems and want to share our donation effectiveness.

We are pleased to report that 87.7% of donations go directly towards community impact! We achieved this by leveraging the multiplicative effect of thousands of volunteer hours each year from coaches, staff and office volunteers! MarriageTeam is an organization that runs on volunteer passion and commitment.  Our funds are used for:

  1. Funding our Call Intake Center and its staff, without which we would not have a program to help marriages and families. The staff in the center spends its time fielding calls from couples who reach out for help. Calls require patience and understanding as callers share their unique and often painful situation  – sometimes for the first time. Our compassionate staff addresses their concerns, asks clarifying questions, sometimes prays with them, and where necessary, makes referrals to resources better equipped to support them.  Substance and spousal abuse are the most common referrals. Staff members also answer questions about the program and marriage coaching.
  2. Educating couples about coaching and guiding them through the intake process.  Due to the individualized and confidential nature of each situation, this can be a time consuming process. It’s worth the effort because more than 90% of couples seriously considering divorce before coaching turn away from it after completing the MarriageTeam Experience!
  3. Working with coaches who call with questions about specific situations that arise in the coaching process. Our staff works one-on-one with coach couples to guide and ‘coach’ them about the best ways to help their couple. All of our communication with couples and coaches are personalized and confidential. Our Intake Center and volunteer coach couples work hand in glove with the Holy Spirit to strengthen and save marriages and families!
  4. Creating awareness. We invest resources to alert the general public about the hope and help that is available through MarriageTeam.  It seems obvious, but how can a couple receive help, if they don’t know it is available? Therefore, awareness efforts are essential for making a long-term impact on a community. Awareness includes radio advertising, social media, networking, face-to-face visitations, special events etc. We work hard to ensure that couples who need help can easily find us.

We are grateful for the many individuals, churches and companies that see the value of strengthening and saving marriages and families and therefore support God’s work at MarriageTeam. If you have questions about how the resources are utilized, please contact Doug Taylor or Alan Ray at 360-450-6042 or doug@marriageteam.org. Thank you for your support of marriages and families.