Church Partners

Church Partners

Church partners

MarriageTeam has many church partners.

MarriageTeam has coach couples in many different churches and many church partners.  We have trained couples from more than 100 different churches in 4 states.  We partner by providing coaching services for:

  • Premarital couples.
  • Couples who want to improve a good marriage.
  • Couples who are on the verge of divorce.

We also partner by providing coach training at church locations where pastors have committed to developing a MarriageTeam coaching capability and referring couples for coaching.

For training at your church, there needs to be a minimum of 16 couples who are  interested in becoming part of the MarriageTeam coaching network. Training requires 24 hours and can be conducted over two weekends.  This allows time for assimiliation of the skills and some light couple homework.  If done over 4 days, It does require completion of some pre-training exercises. Please contact us for more details.  We encourage churches to partner with other churches to reduce the costs of training and identify 16 couples. Pastors can refer all their premarital and married couples for coaching or any subset. Churches that are partnering with MarriageTeam on a more formal basis include:

  1. Battle Ground Foursquare, Battle Ground, WA.
  2. Calvary Chapel, Salem, OR.
  3. Clear Creek Church, Gresham, OR.
  4. Crosspointe Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA.
  5. Crossroads, Vancouver, WA
  6. Church on the Hill, Salem, OR – Pastor Tim Davis, 503 508-4757.
  7. Dawson Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL
  8. Dauphin Way Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama.
  9. Dayspring Baptist, Mobile, Alabama.
  10. Felida Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA. – Pastor Scott Roberson, 360 573-5071
  11. Laurelwood Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA –  Pastor Mike Wilde, 360 892-1060.
  12. Eugene First Baptist, Eugene, OR – Pastor Colin Halstead, 541 345-0341.
  13. Grace Foursquare, Camas, WA. – Pastor Dave McCabe, 360 834-6336
  14. Grace Community Fellowship, Eugene, OR – Pastor Steve Hill, 541 683-9205
  15. Heritage Church, Vancouver, WA.
  16. Hillside Christian Fellowship, Happy Valley, OR – Pastor Dave Morris, 971 221-2613.
  17. Kessid Church, Battle Ground, WA – Pastor Danny Clinton, 360-356-8863.
  18. Light House Fellowship, Vancouver, WA.
  19. Life Point Church, Vancouver, WA – Pastor Wayne Summers, 360 892-7100.
  20. Living Hope, Vancouver, WA. – Bruce Simmons, 360 601-2264
  21. Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Portland, OR – Pastor James Martin, 503-240-7729.
  22. My Father’s House, Longview, WA.
  23. New Heights Church, Vancouver WA – special church driven pilot program. Dwight Lathim, 360 737-0326
  24. New Hope Church, Clackamas, OR – Shanin Engman, 503 659-5683.
  25. Northside Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA. – Pastor Tim Crownover, 360 696-0333
  26. Portland Christian Center, Portland, OR – Pastor Linda Noah, 503 245-7735.
  27. Trinity Fellowship, Portland, OR – Pastor Dave Browning, 503-231-0981.
  28. Sutherlin Family Church, Sutherlin, OR – Pastor Ed Wilgus, 541 459-6709.
  29. Vancouver Church of Christ, Vancouver, WA – Pastor Craig Brown, 360-696-0548.
  30. Vancouver Church, Pastor Chris Kainu, Vancouver, WA.
  31. XChange Church, Vancouver, WA. – Bill and Vicky Smith, 360 693-8333

If you have questions concerning MarriageTeam, please give these pastors a call to check us out. If you want to learn more about becoming a church partner, click here!