Cost of Divorce

Cost Of Divorce (to your church)

The cost of divorce is estimated to be $3800 in annual giving.

The cost of divorce is estimated to be over $4,300 in annual giving.

We all know there is a significant emotional cost of divorce on the entire family and the church family.  What we often don’t consider is the financial cost of divorce on the bottom line of a church.  This impact is detailed in the Financial Impact of Divorce on the Church.   The bottom line is that on average just two divorces are estimated to cost the church $8,308 in annual giving.

The analysis shows how marriage coaching can help the church save  $4,395 in annual giving.  Naturally your numbers will vary.  The analysis shows how you can calculate the financial impact of divorce in your own congregation.

Another hidden cost of marital discord is the time for staff counseling.  Let’s assume staff is counseling an average of two couples a week for 1.5 hours each, which is 150 hours a year.  That is almost 4 weeks of counseling.  If the staff member is earning $40,000 a year ($19.23/hr) that is a hidden cost of $2885.

The bottom line is marriage coaching can have a significant favorable financial impact for your church.  MarriageTeam has specialized in working with distressed couples.  90% of those considering divorce before coaching are no longer considering it after completing the program.  This results not only in less trauma for the family and congregation, but also in increased giving for the church. Give us a call to learn more.