Independent Study

Independent study confirms marriage coaching success.

Independent study confirms marriage coaching success.


Independent Study of MarriageTeam

Life Innovations Inc. the maker of the widely used and celebrated communication and relationship assessment tool The PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory has confirmed that marriage coaching is highly effective at helping married couples communicate better and resolve conflict. MarriageTeam was the focus of the 2013 research study, which evaluated couples who recently completed the marriage coaching program pioneered by MarriageTeam. Couples in the study were from multiple couple categories defined by the inventory on a scale from Vitalized to Devitalized. Couples were asked a series of questions about the quality of their relationship both before and after MarriageTeam faith-based coaching. The couple’s mean scores were based on agreements with each other on specific items in each question.

The Conflict Resolution mean scores increased by 145% from pre-test to post-test and Communication mean scores shot up a full 196% after completing the marriage coaching program. “Clearly this represents what we’ve suspected since we first started tracking the impact of our program,” says Alan Ray, MarriageTeam Executive Director. “Life Innovations’, independent confirmation of our program’s ability to strengthen and save marriages is a welcomed accolade in our efforts to help couples find common ground and avoid divorce!” MarriageTeam coaching builds relationship skills in crucial areas such as communication, anger, forgiveness, resolving conflict, problem solving, increasing intimacy and goal setting. Their coach couples facilitate a process of discovery and skill application to help couples in need achieve their desired results. MarriageTeam has helped nearly 3,000 people find answers and solutions to their marital problems – all within the context of a couple-on-couple marriage coaching relationship. All MarriageTeam coach couples are volunteers from the local community. There are more than 170 active coach couples in 14 states with the heaviest concentration along the Interstate 5 corridor in Washington and Oregon. MarriageTeam was founded in 2006 as a faith-based social service agency with the goal to help couples apply Christian principles to strengthen and save marriages and draw couples closer to Christ.

MarriageTeam is looking for partners who would like to see similar results in their congregation and community.  If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call.