What Coaches Are Saying

What Coaches Are Saying

Bonnie Sloat, MS

Bonnie Sloat, MS

Bonnie L. Sloat, MS in Counseling Psychology, National Certified Counselor
Former Instructor of Christian Marriage at Taylor University, Upland, IN:

I wish MarriageTeam were in existence when I was a practicing licensed marriage and family counselor.  Now that I’ve been trained as a Marriage Coach and we’ve had an experience coaching another couple it is very clear to me how effective coaching can be in a couple’s life vs traditional marriage counseling.  There are several factors that contribute to this effectiveness:

  • MarriageTeam coaching is always a couple with a couple and not done individually. Typically in counseling the couple is meeting with one person.
  • The couple invests some time and money in the Prepare/Enrich Inventory.  This in itself is an important step.
  • The couple signs a commitment with Marriage Team and their coaches to attend sessions, do their homework and meet regularly.
  • Coaching occurs in a home setting vs. a clinical setting therefore it is less threatening and more relaxing.
  • There is no charge for the on-going sessions with the coaches so that relieves pressure for many marriages struggling with financial issues and encourages the couple to complete the coaching to get their money’s worth.
  • The coaches are free to spend more time with the couple in each session (vs. a typical 50-minute counseling session).
  • In counseling, a couple typically comes with the medical model mentality of receiving “a prescription.”  In reality, that is not how an effective counselor operates but it is common among clients seeking counseling.  In coaching, there is an understanding that it truly is coaching and not prescribing.
  • The follow up is more natural and mutual because it is not considered an entirely professional relationship.”


The training was the best two weekends of our 40 year marriage! – Bob, Portland, OR

The class exercises and practice sessions demonstrated the awesome power of these coaching techniques to profoundly change relationships and empower couples to remove even the deepest emotional blockages that have proven intractable over the years. – Jeff, Vancouver, WA

The training was more than I expected.  The coaches were excellent models and fun!  The practice was the key. – Jean, Portland, OR

The training provided simple tools that facilitate constructive conversation. Gabe, Vancouver, WA

The training hit on every important topic and provided extremely helpful tools. It’s the best material I have been exposed to. Better than the classes I have taken in Seminary/Bible school. – Pastor Tom Schiave, Portland, OR

The best part of the training was talking with my husband of 40 years like I’ve never done before.  – Jean, Portland, OR

It was awesome how you prepared us to be coaches.  It helps us have a pathway to go deeper ourselves and then coach others.  – Dennis, Portland, OR

In one of the training exercises we solved a problem that we have had for our 50 years of marriage. – Laura, Vancouver, WA

I love the materials. – Lori, Vancouver, WA

Marriage coach training was the best ‘tune-up” our 36 year old marriage ever had!

This training far exceeded expectations in content, practicality, and the relational aspects of the delivery, emotional, and spiritual content.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the training has been a very positive experience and really meaningful for us.  You guys did a terrific job and gave us valuable tools and insight.

I am excited our people got to experience this training.

I’ve learned more about forgiveness in this one session than I ever had before. I realized I had not forgiven two people in my past.

The training more than met my expectations.  I wasn’t sure I could do what was needed and required, but with your expert training, I feel more than encouraged that we can be of help in this couple coaching.

The interaction and down to earth leadership of our trainers was most encouraging and helpful.

The training was excellent.  Lots of information given.  You are both good trainers.  The exercises were both relevant and attention grabbing.

We have been enriched and challenged and the training will be so helpful for others.

It zeroed in on our own personal problems.  We received more in that short time than we did from several weeks with a professional counselor.

The tools and process were most helpful.  I have the map!  The journey will be exciting.

This training revitalized our understanding of how to coach effectively.

It was most helpful watching your interaction, responses and asking questions of the couple to surface and validate feelings and move toward practical ideas to resolve.

Great info – Thanks for all your great examples – it makes it real!

Taking us through the sessions and the use of the worksheets was very helpful.

Thanks again for a fun, challenging weekend.  You are a great team – thanks for the new tools to use in strengthening our marriage.

The training met and exceeded expectations.  The time to wrestle, discuss, practice, hear from others, ask questions and see the process (I am a visual learner) was helpful and will aid in retention.

I was able to experience and get help in an area of our relationship that needed help in dealing with communication.  The main thing: the need to understand my husband.

The process included a healthy balance of support and encouragement within an environment of moderately challenging and new skill building activities.  Also, you included an effective balance of insightful information about your marriage growth process (head knowledge) with practical, experiential hands-on practice in the skills you presented.

Your insights and facilitating ability to go deeper and bring clarity are wonderful.  We so appreciate your heart, your warmth, and your genuineness.

It [the training] probably exceeded [expectations] in terms of practical and valuable skills.  The “table talk” broke down some barriers and helped to actually employ the skills.

The I statements and active listening [were the most helpful].  The process was intellectually known, but the practice made all the difference.  We really appreciated both your personalities in the sessions.  Really liked the bitterness and forgiveness piece!

The most important part was the opportunity to identify specific personal communication/conflict issues, along with the opportunity to practice from the coaching side of the table.  The I message component was powerful and practical.

You were able to equip my wife and I with a fresh direction for growth in our marriage.  It was good to see our team excited about what they learned.

The training exceeded my expectations.  The basic process of identifying and expressing feelings seems so simple, yet it is profoundly powerful in building intimacy as a couple.