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Marriage Olympics

Gold medal winners in the Marriage Olympics. News Flash - Marriage Olympics Dominate the News What if there were Marriage Olympics on the same scale as the Winter Olympics?  I have been listening to the stories of past injuries, near death experiences and life tragedies that so many of the Olympic athletes [...]

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Christmas Story

While Christmas 2017 is behind us, the MarriageTeam Christmas Story is as relevant today as it is on the night before Christmas.  It is the reason that dedicated coach couples help other couples in any season.  Enjoy a modern Christmas Story. Twas the night before Christmas and all through our place Dad’s yelling, Mom’s [...]

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Marriage Coaching Competencies

This article on marriage coaching competencies appeared in Christian Coaching Magazine, August 2017 Rick and Jane sat silently in the lawyer’s office staring at the papers that would legally end their marriage. How could a signature on a piece of paper possibly bring an end to 15+ years invested in a home, a nest [...]

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Preparation (noun), the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use. I know that you orchestrate everything (the things I see and the things I cannot see) to work together for my good because I love you and I have a purpose that you want me to fulfill. Romans 8:28 (paraphrased [...]

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I Know the Plans I Have for You – Jeremiah 29:11

The year was 1972 and I had no idea about the "Plans I have for You." Alan was a First Lieutenant in the Air Force. We were stationed at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA. The Air Force had a campaign that encouraged their officers to participate in financial planning seminars. These types of seminars [...]

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Do You and Your Teammate Have a Common Playbook?

Autumn Ray I don’t claim to be very knowledgeable about football but I do know that teams have different plays for different situations. The quarterback barks out some numbers, flips the ball to the guy behind him (whatever that position is) and everyone seems to know just what to do. Sometimes, they pass the [...]

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Marriage Is Work

Marriage is work – what the heck does that mean? Marriage is Work Everybody says that marriage is work but nobody tells you what the work involves. Honestly, you could struggle for years (and lots of us have) without ever having any concrete directions on how to fix your relationship. Even if [...]

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Offer Hope and Help to Struggling Couples

I desperately wanted to offer hope to this couple.  Dad, Mom, daughter about 10, and toddler were having pizza at the table next to us. I watched the interaction of Dad comforting the fussy toddler, but barking orders at 10 year old. Mom didn’t get involved at all. Eventually the daughter sat sullenly in [...]

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Only Three Options?

I had only three options as I stood aghast as I heard my friend calmly telling me that she and her husband were thinking about divorce as one of their options. How could this be? We had known them for years. They were in our Sunday School class. Their kids were friends with our kids. [...]

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