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Benefits of Partnering with MarriageTeam

The obvious benefits of partnering with MarriageTeam for marriage coaching are stronger marriages, stronger families and fewer divorces.  Additional benefits include:

Referral Services
MarriageTeam screens all couples for situations that are not coachable.  These situations include addictions, abuse, on-going adultery, mental health issues and untreated depression.  When something is identified, MarriageTeam makes appropriate referrals to trained professionals.  One parent credited MarriageTeam with “saving my daughter’s life” when MarriageTeam made a referral for a previously unidentified abusive situation.

Marital Discipleship
The biblically based coaching materials and Christian coach couples help couples grow in their walk with the Lord by helping them put these biblical principles into action in their marriage and family.  A couple’s Christian witness is severely damaged when they are in marital distress.  Conversely, a happily married couple who can share how applying biblical principles to their marriage made all the difference for them is a powerful testimony and very attractive to those who are struggling.

Evangelism and Outreach
Having couples trained as MarriageTeam coaches provides an opportunity to reach out to your local community with services that are desperately needed.  Couples in distress will call MarriageTeam when they might not call a church for help.  This provides an excellent opportunity for your coaches to minister to them and invite them to your church.  We have seen couples start to attend church, renew their vows, and come to the Lord as a direct result of MarriageTeam coaches.

Missionary Support and International Evangelism
MarriageTeam is working with a missionary organization in Central and Eastern Europe to train couples to be marriage coaches to strengthen the marriages of those missionaries already in the field and those preparing to enter the mission field.  These trained coach couples will ultimately be offering services through the local church to strengthen the marriages and families in the local church and community.

Skype coaching provides an opportunity to help missionary couples in the field who may be struggling in their relationship and is a lot cheaper than bringing them home to work on their issues.