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Churches: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all MarriageTeam materials are biblically based and scriptural references are available in the materials. While the coaching is biblically based, it is not a Bible study. Coaches work with couples to help them gain new skills and understanding.  Couples then apply the new skills and understanding to get different results. Coaches help the couple create new agreements and mutual accountability for implementing desired changes. Coaching is all about changing behaviors to create the results the couple wants.  All of our coach couples are professing Christians.

Coaches are trained to use the coaching process to teach improved relationship skills and help couples move to action. Coaches also help couples create agreements around specific behavior changes.  Spouses learn how to help each other when one of them forgets to use the new behaviors. The process creates accountability for achieving common objectives.  Coaches do NOT give advice.

The best way to summarize this is in the words of a MarriageTeam coach. “I wish MarriageTeam were in existence when I was a practicing licensed marriage and family counselor. Now that I’ve been trained as a Marriage Coach, it is very clear to me how effective coaching can be in a couple’s life vs. traditional marriage counseling. There are several factors that contribute to this effectiveness:

  • Coaching occurs in a home setting vs. a clinical setting. It is less threatening and more relaxing.
  • There is no additional charge for each session. This encourages the couple to complete the coaching to get their money’s worth.
  • The couple signs a commitment with Marriage Team and their coaches to attend sessions, do their homework and meet regularly.
  • The coaches spend more time in each session vs. a typical 50-minute counseling session.
  • In counseling, a couple typically comes with the medical model mentality of receiving “a prescription.” In coaching, there is an understanding that the couple is responsible for creating their agreements and solutions.

Bonnie L. Sloat, MS in Counseling Psychology, National Certified Counselor, Former Instructor of Christian Marriage at Taylor University, Upland, IN

MarriageTeam carries liability insurance.  In most situations, couples are coaching for MarriageTeam and not for their church even though they may be coaching couples in their church.  In this regard it is similar to referring a couple to an outside professional counseling service. In addition, all couples in coaching sign an agreement recognizing that they are solely responsible for the decisions they make and coaches do not provide any legal advice and are not licensed counselors or therapists.

MarriageTeam views pastors as partners in strengthening and saving marriages. Our goal is to support your desire to strengthen/save marriages in your congregation. If you make a referral to MarriageTeam, we handle all the legwork: we will do the intake, administer the relationship inventory, make the placement with a coach couple, and do all the follow-up. If you would like to place the couple with a specific coach couple, we can make that happen or get back with you. Upon request, we will update you on progress. We go out of our way to provide value and service to you and your church team.  These on-going services are part of the additional value you receive when you partner with MarriageTeam.

Cost for up to 12, 2 to 3 hour coaching sessions, is $399.  For premarital, not previously married, non-cohabitating couples the cost is $239.  Terms are available and MarriageTeam works closely with couples to insure no one is denied coaching for financial reasons.  There are several reasons why it is a best practice for couples to pay for these services:

  • Couples who pay for services do much better in coaching than couples who do not pay.
  • Furthermore, there is a money back guarantee. “If you believe you did not get your money’s worth from your coaching experience, but it in writing and we will refund your money less the inventory and materials ($75).”