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Coach Training Evaluations

Coach Training Evalutaions

Another successful coach training!

Coach training evaluations are used to continually improve the training.

10/2016 Vancouver. Husband:  It was much more in depth than what I expected. I was glad it was not just another Christian program.  The program exceeded our expectations with its “real” hands on approach! The attention given to each couple over the last couple weekends was refreshing and very much appreciated! You made us all feel capable and welcomed. I liked that my wife and I were part of a group and that it was fun!

10/2016 Vancouver. Husband: The training helped us work on our relationship and see how it can benefit others as well.  The training provided us with a process and tools that can be easily learned and applied.  It allows us to be more open and communicative. It was helpful to be in a training to see others also have similar issues. We will continue to use the tools and worksheets to improve our own marriage and share with others how helpful it has been for us.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: I am very enthusiastic about the impact this program is going to have on so many! I believe it will have a huge impact on entire families and our community. I really appreciated being able to have hands on experience on a personal level through the exercises.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: While I wasn’t sure what to expect, the training exceeded my expectations.  I loved that there was so much interaction. The training we received will help us in the long run and we plan to bless other couples as coaches with what we have learned.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: The teaching was excellent and the teachers were compassionate. They helped me to focus better on communication skills and I learned to apply active listening. I feel that we have been equipped to better deal with communication and our relationship as well as being taught how to help other couples become closer.

10/2016 Vancouver. Husband:  I feel that the manual was well laid out and covered the topics impacting relationships using methods and strategies to find solutions. I greatly appreciated the honest feedback during the practice coaching session. It helped me recognize where I can improve.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: I loved that the Holy Spirit was invited and present.  I loved the vulnerable, open, real, trustworthy, positive and hopeful approach. This was “Life Changing” even the first session. Thank you very much for all the work and love you shared.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: I gained insight into so many aspects of good communication and the tools to make healthy changes. The class exceeded my expectations.

10/2016 Vancouver. Wife: I am so excited to pass this on to another couple and see what God will do! I love that it teaches couples to solve problems on their own. We are preparing them for ongoing success in the future, not just solving their current problems.

03/2016 Vancouver. Wife:  I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working.  I appreciated the openness and the ease of presenters. They were patient and willing to attend to each couple’s concerns, guiding with Christ-like love that could be felt. The Coaching Manual was well done. I liked that we were not rushing to get through the material.

03/2016 Vancouver. Husband:  I am armed with tools and I learned that I don’t need to have all the answers. What a relief! I can use coaching tools to help a distressed couple find their own answers.

03/2016 Vancouver. Husband: This training went beyond my expectations. As we started, I expected to just get some tools to use if we found someone who needed coaching. What we got was a very organized, step-by-step, repeatable program (that relies on the Holy Spirit) with great support from the MarriageTeam office and a curriculum that works.

03/2016 Vancouver. Wife: I like the fact that even though we are talking about very serious subjects there was a certain degree of levity that made it comfortable.  It allowed me to bare myself in a safe environment.

10/2015 Vancouver. Wife:  The tools offered in the Coach Training, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, are life long tools and transfer to all aspects of life relationships; home, extended family and work. This experience has enabled my spouse to become a more purposed human being, spouse, father and friend.

10/2015 Vancouver. Wife: The coaching process equips non-professionals to make a difference for families through the help of the Holy Spirit; that is POWERFUL!

10/2015 Vancouver. Wife: Thank you for this amazing organization! Thank you for obeying God to create the MarriageTeam coaching process and put all the tools together in organized manual we can use. I am proud to partner with MarriageTeam and become a MarriageTeam Coach to assist others!

03/2016 Vancouver. Wife: The training on communication impacted my life in a positive, helpful way. I wish I had known these skills years ago.

03/2015 Vancouver. Husband : The ministry of MarriageTeam is an ideal ministry for couples who desire to serve together and help support other couples.

01/2015 Eugene. Husband: I came hoping to improve my marriage and learn to help others; Mission Accomplished!  The materials and concepts presented were outstanding. The coaching experience was very beneficial. I really appreciate the “heart for ministry” the trainers have. Thank you for answering God’s call.

01/2015 Eugene. Wife: The Coaching Manual has so much information and can walk me through areas where I will need help when we coach others. The coaching exercises helped me see and experience how the coaching process is supposed to work.

01/2015 Eugene. Wife: This training exceeded my expectations. It’s so effective and easy to implement and has a straight forward structure. I loved that we were given lots of practice! I gained skills and insight that I can take away today and use with my family, friends and co-workers. I was able to tell everyone about the process with ease because it clearly works and could help everyone!

01/2015 Eugene. Wife: I really liked the couple to couple coaching exercises. It was such a practical experience.  Praying for each couple before the session opened the door for God to work. The presenters shared real examples from their marriage and came across as very authentic people.

01/2015 Eugene. Wife: I found the relapse statements very useful. I like the idea of planning ahead in the event one spouse fails to implement the new plan. Many of the seminars and conferences we have attended have used similar tools but they didn’t help us plan on for “what happens if the new plan falls apart.”  I found it very helpful.

10/2014 Vancouver. Wife: The information was amazing and the class was God centered. My husband and I have always had a great marriage but now we have tools to make it spectacular!

10/2014 Vancouver. Husband:  I enjoyed the practice coaching sessions to sharpen our skills. The ability to process with different couples really reinforced learning the skills and program for me.  Being coached by other couples, enabled me to experience the process of being coached, which allowed me to appreciate how effective coaching can be immediately in changing the dynamics and setting new behaviors to produce constructive outcomes.

10/2014 Vancouver. Husband: I grasped the concepts because the trainers explained things so clearly and reviewed things we had learned previously in the class. The manual is written very well. It is very easy to understand the step-by-step lesson plans. I really enjoyed meeting other new coach couples and learning together in a class environment.