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Is Coaching Right for Us?

You may be wondering “Is coaching right for us?” While coaching is an excellent approach for many couples, it is not right for everyone. To determine if coaching is right for you, answer the following questions.

1.  Are there addictions involved that are not being addressed? Yes No
2.  Is there on-going physical or emotional abuse? Yes No
3.  Is there an on-going affair? Yes No
4.  Are there untreated mental health issues involved? Yes No
5.  Is there any untreated depression? Yes No


coaching right for usIf you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, coaching is not your best choice. Therapy or counseling will probably serve you better.

Once these issues are being addressed by professionals, coaching can make a significant difference in the relationship. For additional clarification, please give us a call. (360) 450-6042.

Are you still unsure if you should request coaches?  

This may help.

 Have You:

  • Grown tired of the same old fights?
  • Lost hope for your marriage?
  • Thought about divorce?
  • Wished things could be different?

 We Can Help You:

  • Resolve conflicts so you both feel good about the solution.
  • Restore hope for a more rewarding marriage.
  • Create the marriage you desire.
  • Recreate those feelings of love again and increase intimacy.

 Your Marriage Coaches Will:

  • Help you communicate your needs more effectively.
  • Help you and your spouse understand each other better.
  • Guide you in developing new approaches for resolving issues.
  • Not give advice.

Ready To Request Help?