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Marriage Coaching Effectiveness
marriage coaching effectiveness

Marriage coaching effectiveness is extremely important to MarriageTeam. Program participants are asked to respond to questions about their coaching experience.  On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being the best, we ask:

1.   How would you rate your coaching experience?

2.   Your relationship/marriage before coaching?

3.   Your relationship/marriage after coaching?

Couples in troubled marriages (before coaching) rate their coaching experience at 9.13 on a 10 point scale and report an average improvement from a 3.8 to a 7.6 on a ten point scale.

In a survey of 157 couples, more than 85% of the couples who were considering divorce before coaching, decided not to divorce after the MarriageTeam experience.  When these couples were asked to rate on a 10 point scale how likely they were to recommend MarriageTeam coaching to a friend or colleague, the average was 9.53.

Effectiveness of Help

Couples also are asked to compare their coaching experience to other sources of marital help including counseling, pastoral counseling, and books and seminars.  The results on the left show that marriage coaching is ranked as being significantly more effective than other helping methodologies.  Couples explain the reason for their rating is that coaching gives them specific relationship tools and coaches help them apply the tools to improve their marriage.


Expectation Evaluations

When asked if coaching met or exceeded their expectations, 87.5% responded that coaching exceeded or greatly exceeded their expectations. Another 11.9% said it met their expectations.  That is 99.4% said coaching met or exceeded their expectations! Only one respondent (.6%) said it did not meet their expectations.


Independent Study

PREPARE/ENRICH conducted an independent study that confirmed marriage coaching is highly effective at helping married couples communicate better and resolve conflict. MarriageTeam was the focus of the 2013 research study, which evaluated couples who recently completed the marriage coaching program pioneered by MarriageTeam. Couples were asked a series of questions about the quality of their relationship both before and after MarriageTeam coaching. The study showed that the average Communication scores almost tripled and the Conflict Resolution scores increased by one and a half times after completing the marriage coaching program.