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Moving Forward  

The Moving Forward program consists of six monthly meetings with a trained coach couple.  This follow-up program is designed for couples who have completed the Married Coaching Program. Meetings typically last 2-2.5 hours and are scheduled at a time convenient for you and your coaches.  The cost is $239 and interest free installment plans are available.

There are 2 easy steps to get started: Complete intake forms and make a payment.

moving forwardMoving Forward Couples Coaching

For couples who have already completed MarriageTeam’s Married Couples Coaching (includes Cohabiting and Previously Married Premarital) and want to continue to improve their skills.

1.  Complete the Moving Forward Intake Form.  Couples must have completed the Married Couples Coaching to select this follow-on option.

2.  Make a payment. For payment questions, please email: or call: 360-450-6042.

What Happens Next?
MarriageTeam will arrange for you to take the ENRICH Married inventory.  This is a snapshot of your relationship that your coaches will use as a tool in coaching. You will receive an e-mail from PREPARE-ENRICH with a link and password to complete the inventory on-line.

When you both have completed the inventory, we will begin to look for a coach couple for you. The search typically takes 3-7 business days. When we have found a coach couple for you, we will send an email with their names. They will call you to arrange for your first meeting.  If you have any questions during the process, please call the office (360) 450-6042.

Skype Coaching
Marriage coaching is available in most states with Skype, but currently services are not offered in California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia or Wyoming.Bottom of Form