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Payment for Moving Forward Couple Coaching

The cost for the Moving Forward program is $239*. There are 3 payment options for you to choose from. Each requires a valid debit or credit card. All transactions are processed through a secure terminal using PayTrace Payment Solutions. We look forward to helping you.

Note: This program is only for couples who have completed MarriageTeam MARRIED COUPLES COACHING (including Cohabiting and Previously Married Premarital couples).

Please select one of the following 3 options:

Pay for coaching in full with a single payment of $239*

payment for moving forward

Two payments of $119.50 each*

Make a 50% down payment for $119.50 and your card will be immediately charged.

The balance of $119.50 will be charged one month from your down-payment date.

payment for moving forward

Three payments of $79/$80/$80*

Make a down payment of $79 and your card will be immediately charged.  It will be charged two payments of $80 on the down payment date for the next 2 months.

payment for moving forward

For questions concerning payment plans, please contact: or 360-450-6042.

*Note: A one-time shipping and handling fee of $10 will be added to your order or first down payment. Subsequent payments are not subject to this fee.

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