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Premarital Counseling Reviews

Premarital Counseling Reviews

The following premarital counseling reviews illustrate how effective the coaching process is in helping couples apply new insights into their relationship.

Christina, Battle Ground, WA 
Premarital coaching has helped our relationship dramatically. We were not married or even engaged at the start, but got engaged during coaching. Coaching has helped us identify, voice and come up with solutions to problem areas. It has also helped us re-prioritize. Before coaching, we were disconnected, frustrated and had lots of conflict. Now, we are both very aware of our actions, words, goals and putting into practice what we’ve been learning.

Christy, Camas, WA
Premarital coaching was life changing. My fiancé and I didn’t know what to expect when we get married, but now we have a better understanding of marriage. We learned how to better problem solve, communicate and listen with our hearts. It was a great experience for us and we loved every minute of the sessions.  

Zach, Portland, OR
Our coaches brought a very unique point of view to the table, since they were coached themselves. My wife and I decided to do this as “pre-marriage” counseling. We didn’t have any major problems, but our coaching helped to uncover a few issues we had not thought about, and gave us strategies on how to deal with new issues when they come up. We feel like we are very happy right now and our coaching will help keep us on track. I would say our relationship before coaching was strong, with a few weak points, but now it is even stronger, and we have the peace of mind that we have the tools for the future to keep everything on track. As a result of coaching, I feel that we are more connected. I also am aware of some of my wife’s concerns about our relationship, which I did not know before, and knowing is half the battle! It exceeded all of our expectations, especially for a program that is so inexpensive. It would have cost of $1,000’s of dollars to do this through a doctor or counselor, and I believe having both a husband and wife, especially one who have gone through marriage difficulties themselves, is the absolute best way help couples with their marriage.

Olga, Vancouver, WA 
I loved every minute of our coaching experience!  Our coaches were able to provide us with the insights of what marriage is about. All this information made me and my fiancé feel closer together. It also helped us to see what the other partner was going through when dealing with the same situation. Just an eye opener! I was not able to communicate on a very close level to my fiancé. I was afraid to tell him some things. I didn’t feel that he would understand it or just would get mad at me.  After going through a couple of sessions, that improved greatly! I personally feel more open with my fiancé. I learned that a man’s thinking process and decision making process is totally different from a woman’s. I learned that when there are misunderstandings, it’s not because my fiancé stopped loving me. It’s just he as a man has a different perspective.