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Refer A Friend

It is extremely easy to refer a friend.  If you know someone who Refer a friendis struggling in their marriage or who simply desires to make their marriage better, you can help get them started on the road to a better and more rewarding marriage by completing this page.  Simply fill out the form below and click ‘send’.  Your friend will receive a short informational e-mail that explains the benefits of marriage coaching and how to get started. We will not add your info or your friend’s to a mailing list.

Of course, you could also simply tell them about MarriageTeam and give them the website.  The nice thing about the email referral is it gives your friend the contact information and links in their inbox.  Either way we are here to help you make a difference in the marriages and families in your circle of influence. Thanks for caring!

Below is a sample of the e-mail your friend will receive. Simply fill out the 3 fields below and click ‘Submit’ to send it.