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 Retreats vs Coaching

Happy Black couple smilingMarriage retreats and seminars are designed to provide content to a large number of couples at a single time.  By the very nature of these events, couples have limited opportunity to create long term behavior change from the knowledge they receive.  That is why many couples feel the retreat was a “mountain top experience” but they feel like they are back in the valley on Monday morning.

MarriageTeam Coaching is designed to apply skills and insight to couples, one couple at a time, over an extended period so that they can integrate them into long term behavior change.  It is exceptionally well suited to couples who are experiencing significant distress in their relationship including those couples who are considering divorce.

  • Roughly 25-30% of the couples who come to coaching are considering divorce.
  • Of that group, 85% were no longer considering divorce after coaching.

 Reasons for coaching success Include

  • Relationship with caring coaches providing encouragement and renewed hope.
  • Practice and effective implementation of enhanced relationship skills.
  • Clear agreements on specific behavior changes.
  • Accountability with coaches and more importantly with one another.
  • Reframed thinking about the marriage as a team effort and that the team either wins or loses together.