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Saving Marriages Around The World

Partnering with Organizations and Churches to enrich and save marriages has continued to be an energizing force for MarriageTeam.  As God continues to open doors, we simply smile and say “send us.”  So, alongside Josiah Venture, MarriageTeam’s Co-founders, Al and Autumn Ray recently completed Marriage Coach training for another group of European couples at the Molenovice conference Center in the Czech Republic.  Equipping NEW marriage coaches locally and abroad is a distinctive of MarriageTeam that yields increasing impact in both local and international communities.  If you support our services, or you are considering contacting marriage team, just listen to what recent trainees think about MarriageTeam tools and training:

Training Room

  • It met all my expectations and was way better than I thought.  It was exactly what we needed. – Agne, Estonia
  • This is a fantastic course.  We are highly recommending it to our home church. Sharon Mormance, Gresham.  Sharon had taken coaching classes from Western Seminary.
  • This has been the first training where I saw that it actually works in real life. Tarmo, Estonia
  • I had heard the training was amazing and a lot to cover, but I had no idea that the material covered would be so rich and necessary and beneficial even in my own marriage.  So it even exceeded my expectations. Wendi, Slovakia
  • It was better than expected.  It helped us look at our own marriage with new lenses and know what to work on at this stage of our life and marriage. Diana Anton, Romania.

The Anton’s from Romania were the demonstration couple and were coached in their second language.  100% said they would recommend to another couple; felt that they had been adequately equipped to coach another couple; and the training met or exceeded their expectations.



Holiday Challenge

Many of us will find ourselves in family and social settings over the holidays.  We challenge you to open your eyes and hearts to those people who are clearly struggling with their relationship and communication.

The reality is that people have a tendency to think that if they just try and hide or suppress their issues others won’t notice.  But let’s be honest… we see and hear the harsh words, we feel the disconnect and tensions, and yes it’s awkward.

Therein lies the challenge; will YOU step in and check-in with people that need help?  What if you are noticing relational and marriage issues for a reason?!  MarriageTeam wants you to have the confidence to help.  You may not have the answers, but you do have something you can offer – THE GIFT OF MARRIAGE COACHING.

Please remember us over the holidays and know above all else… we appreciate and need your prayers!

Blessings and Thanks!