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 Testimonials on Growing Closer

Marriage Coaching Reviews – this could be you!

Couple coaching is a powerful tool for change.  The following reviews and testimonials on growing closer are from couples at the conclusion of their enrichment coaching experience.

Testimonials on Growing CloserJordan, Portland, OR 
We need people to help us walk life’s road, who have been there before. Our coaches were amazing. They related well to us and I felt very comfortable with their competence and personalities. My wife and I were given tools to deal with conflicts. We have new terminology and better recognition of what is going on in our relationship.

Anna, Vancouver, WA
Prior to coaching, our relationship was “ok.” We enjoyed doing things together, but conversation was often filled with frustration, repeated arguments or just rested on surface issues, because we couldn’t communicate deeply without someone getting angry or hurt. During our coaching, we were encouraged to talk face to face to each other and it started off rough. Our coaches were very patient and kept encouraging us to practice using “I” statements and talking about tough or emotion filled issues. Our coaches created a relaxed atmosphere and made it easier to share real issues. As a result of coaching, we have set goals and are working towards them. Communication is going beyond the mundane and issues are being worked through instead of being swept under the rug or being brought up over and over without resolution. The quality of communication in our relationship has been greatly improved.

Katie, Vancouver, WA
My husband and I had lost our connection and forgotten each other’s importance after 12 years of marriage. Our coaches were warm and they embraced our flaws and imperfections in order to show us God’s unending love and limitless ability to forgive. As a result of coaching, we have nothing less than a closer relationship with God and each other. We had lost our way and this experience with a loving and Godly example of a strong partnership in marriage, reminded us that the path we started down 12 years ago was one that would demand constant effort for the most fulfilling journey.

Aimee, Vancouver, WA 
We had excellent coaches! They really helped us work through our issues and use the tools taught in the program. Our coaches were very patient yet pushed us gently in using the tools. We were given a safe place to express our feelings and be honest with each other, as well as to work out the struggles we were having. They were very committed to helping us improve our marriage. We have gained tools to help us better communicate and not react to each other as much in a negative manner. We are also learning to work together as a team-especially me. I had been working by myself against my husband at times and now I am thinking more about how I can do things for “us.” I have also forgiven him for some resentment I had. This experience helped me to more fully open up to him and honestly share my fears with him.

Kathryn, Vancouver, WA
It was very helpful to have dedicated coaches who are not family, coworkers, neighbors or fellow church members. Our Coaches were extremely encouraging, understanding, supportive, thoughtful and non-judgmental. They easily gained our trust and respect. Our relationship before coaching was adversarial, strained, unhappy and irritable. Since coaching, we have easier communication, more patience and understanding and now have a pathway for reconciliation.